Malem Bedwetting Alarm

Malem Bedwetting Alarm The Malem Bedwetting Alarm is mostly made well and sturdy. Batteries last a long time. The sensor is slightly tough to put in, however you get used to it fairly quickly. the volume is acceptable.
Device appears to be reliable… no false alarms and always rings when wet.
It has been about 8 weeks and we use it every night for a baby who enters a particularly deep sleep. before this alarm, we were unable to wake the kid.
We place typical underwear on the kid, clip on the sensor, and then Malem Bedwetting Alarm place a pull-up on prime. this permits for a dry bed when any accident.
Also, this Malem Bedwetting Alarm we use 2 shirts… a tank prime style which the sensor gets clipped to and a second pajama shirt on prime to keep the wire between the alarm and also the sensor contained. It keeps the wire off the childs skin and allows for safe operation.
The first week was torture (for the parents)… alarmed 2-3 times per night. It failed to appear to wake our child… we felt am fond of it was simply an alarm for the oldsters and failed to have high hopes.
By the second week, the alarm still failed to wake the kid, however, there were solely a few drops of urine on the underwear now and also the frequency was reduced. The ringing alarm must wake the kid enough to prevent the flow.
Over following 4-6 weeks, frequency reduced to only 1 event per evening, then to some evenings with no alarm in any respect. child is awakened by the alarm about 500th of the time. there’s rarely quite a few drops of urine now.
We don’t seem to be through with the complete program nonetheless, however it appears to be operating as described.
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